Green together

At Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn - de Cantharel, sustainability is an important theme. We are proud of the green initiatives we have already realised, which have earned us the Green Key Gold Certificate. Impact is created together. Therefore, we invite you to share your sustainable ideas for our hotel. This way, together we can create more impact for a green world.

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Our sustainable initiatives

We have already realised several sustainable initiatives that have earned us the Green Key Gold Certificate. On our sustainability page, you can read all about our sustainable initiatives. Here are some examples:

  • Vegetable garden: De Cantharel has its own vegetable garden where produce is grown organically, so without pesticides and artificial fertilisers. We incorporate these products into various dishes on our menu: 'from land to restaurant'.
  • Shitgroup: As a horse hotel, De Cantharel has several horses of its own. The manure of these horses is collected by the Shitgroup and used for mushroom cultivation as a sustainable initiative.
  • Chickens: If you stay at De Cantharel as a guest, chances are you will see one of our chickens walking around. These chickens eat insects from our vegetable garden as a natural pesticide. In addition, the eggs are used in our kitchen.

Click here for all information on sustainability in our hotel