Sustainable Procurement policy
Within Van der Valk Hotel de Cantharel, we pursue a sustainable procurement policy, in which the market is stimulated towards a procurement approach that is more focused on innovation and sustainability. We do this by making a conscious decision in any purchase, by investigating the entire product lifecycle from beginning to end and by considering the possibility of fair-trade, bio-certified and / or local products etc. In our choices regarding the procurement of products, we consider the effect on the environment and mankind. In this, we consider every product and service individually, due to which the choice of suppliers and products is based on what is best for the area and the environment.

SRE Policy
As part of our SRE policy to make our environment a healthier and better living and working environment, we pursue the purchase of products and materials certified with an environmental label or that are fair-trade, recyclable, bio certified, energy efficient or local. We try to limit our waste where possible, by using compostable materials and by separating several waste fractions. We select suppliers that have a sustainability policy and that supply sustainable products. In the context of chain responsibility, we have our biggest suppliers sign a sustainability statement, laying the foundation for the successful implementation of our sustainability policy.