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Land Rover Veluwe Experience

New adventure on the Veluwe !!

The ultimate Veluwe experience is with one of our Land Rover Defenders! Choose a model and go on a trip across the Veluwe past beautiful forests, wildlife viewing screens and special estates and villages. Our routes are on public paved and unpaved paths. Along the way you still have enough time to get off at unique places and with the binoculars perhaps spot the Big 5 of the Veluwe and enjoy a snack and drink from the picnic basket. If you are going for the evening ride, we will provide you with night vision goggles!

This corona-proof outdoor activity can be reserved exclusively by hotel guests for a part of the day (4 hours) in the morning, afternoon or evening (with heat binoculars!) And for a whole day (8 hours). Beautiful from early morning to late evening in all seasons!


We have 3 Land rover Defenders for rent, suitable for every group and form of driving! Read more about the models and prices:

To reserve

Our Land Rover Veluwe experience can be reserved exclusively by our hotel guests via 0031 55 5414455 or info@vandervalkapeldoorn.nl