Balloon flight

The ultimate Veluwe experience at sunrise from April to October is from a hot air balloon flight!

When you wake up for the day, the pilot will receive you with a sandwich and a cup of coffee. After a short welcome, he takes the group to his hot air balloon to prepare it for sailing with all participants. As soon as everything is ready, the ropes are released and the balloon sails with the wind. In all silence and with the sun rising, the Veluwe is more impressive than ever. After about an hour of flying, the pilot looks for a place to land safely and from there return to the hotel by cars. A festive champagne breakfast awaits in the outdoor tent to conclude this special experience together!

Departure times change with the seasons and depend on the sunrise. In April we leave around 6.15 am, in the summer around 5.00 am and in the autumn around 6.45 am. You can see the exact departure times in the availability calendar. The duration of the balloon flight is approximately 4 hours from reception until after champagne breakfast.

Make your reservation

All our outdoor activities can be booked online after making your hotel reservation. You will receive a mailing from us within 24 hours after making your reservation with the link to the website. If you prefer to know the availability of one of the outdoor activities before making a hotel reservation, please contact our hotel reception via 0031 55 5414455 or info@vandervalkapeldoorn.nl. Our colleagues would be happy to take a look with you!