Dinner à la carte


Bread platter ‘Le Cantharel’
Freshly baked sourdough bread served with salted butter 4,50

Smoked Salmon
Thinly sliced smoked salmon with a surprising preparation of smoked salmon 10,50

Shrimp cocktail
Classic cocktail with crispy lettuce and cocktail sauce 14,25

Carpaccio of Hereford beef
With salad, pesto, pine seed, grated cheese and bread 11,00 

Marinated scampi
Black tiger prawns served with a green herb risotto with old cheese and arugula 12,50


The classic salad with bacon, chicken, old cheese, croutons, pine nutsand the Caesar dressing with anchovies 9,50

Roasted vegetables
Vegetables from our own vegetable garden, herbal oil and buffalo mozzarella 9,50

Goat cheese
Salad with old goat's cheese, spiced caramel, cave mushrooms, pine nuts and croutons 9,50


Tomato soup
With fresh tomatoes and basil 5,75

Lobster bisque
Classic creamy lobster bisque with pink shrimp and chives 6,50

French onion soup
Served with cheese croutons and chives 6,50

Seasonal soup
Please ask your waiter or waitress for our seasonal soup 6,50

Vegetarian and pastas

Stuffed ravioli
Ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, served with a butter-based sauce, mushrooms
and herbs from the garden. 15,50
Can also be ordered as a small portion: 9,50

Pasta pesto
Tagliatelle served with crispy vegetables and a pesto sauce 10,50
Vega light; with fried shrimps, smoked chicken or beef tenderloin + € 5,00

Tarte tatin with red onion
Savory red onion cake in a caramel of Aceto Balsamic vinegar with blue cheese and rocket salad 10,50

Meat dishes

Supreme of free range chicken
Served with seasonal vegetables and hollandaise sauce 15,50

Veal liver
Organic veal liver from Ecofields, served with crispy bacon and onion 16,50

Fillet steak
Baked fillet steak from butcher Jan Jansen, served with a sauce of your choice 22,50

Rib-Eye steak from Hereford Beef
Classic grilled rib-eye with a sauce of your choice 22,50

Mixed grill
Grilled steak, spareribs and chicken fillet with a sauce of you choice 19,50

Minced steak
Traditionally minced steak from butcher Jan Jansen with baked onions 17,50

A steak of 120 gram 14,00

Spareribs - unlimited -
Our well known marinated grilled spareribs with garlic sauce 18,50

Pork tenderloin
Served with a variety of seasonal vegetables 17,50

Schnitzel from Piggy’s Palace, Bathmen
With crispy bacon, mushrooms and onions 16,50

Homemade béarnaise sauce, mushroom sauce, pepper sauce or stroganoff sauce 2,50
Fried mushrooms and/or onions 2,50
Classic homemade garlic sauce 2,50

Meal of the day
The hot meal for our staff members. Would you like to eat the same as them?
Healthy, simple and quick. Ask your waiter or waitress what is on offer today.


Hotel de Cantharel supports sustainable and responsible fishery and works according to the fish guide of the North Sea Foundation and the WWF and the fishing season calendar of the Dutch Fish board. We only serve fish that are not overfished, are left alone during their spawning season or that are farmed in a sustainable way.

Sea bass
With grilled eggplant, tomatoes with basil and capers and a fresh beurre blanc sauce 20,00


Salmon fillet
Baked salmon fillet, served with honey and mustard 19,50

Fried sole
Fried sole served with lemon and vegetable mash
- unlimited € 20,50
- two pieces € 17,00 

Fresh sole
Sole of 500 grams served with a sauce of butter, parsley, almond and lemon 29,50

Palette of fish

Sole, stir-fried shrimps, the catch of the week and poached salmon
with a homemade hollandaise sauce

Because we want to guarantee daily fresh quality, it can occur that some products are not in stock.

All main courses are served with French fries, baked potatoes, warm vegetables, apple sauce, a fresh salad and mayonnaise.


Our ice cream is freshly made by the best ice-cream parlour of the Veluwe: ‘IJskaffee de  Kei’ in Ugchelen. In October 2014, they have been rewarded  by “de Apeldoornse IJstest”, a test panel from Apeldoorn, for creating the best tasting ice cream in the region. Father and daughter Huttinga only use the finest ingredients that are created into ice cream in a traditional way.

 Dame Blanche Cantharel
White chocolate ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream 5,75

Our classic Sorbet Royal
Three kinds of fruit ice cream with fresh fruit, strawberry syrup and whipped cream 5,75

'Drunk Raisins'*
Malaga ice cream with raisins, soaked in rum, served with whipped cream 5,75

Luke warm chocolate cake
With orange sorbet ice cream 5,75

Selection of cheeses
A selection of regional and Dutch cheeses 7,50

Crème Brûlée*
Made with Liquor 43, accompanied by our own special digestive 7,00

Dessert of the season
A changing dessert "Taste the seasons' 6,50

Valkies children ice-cream
A choice between an ice coupe with freshfruit and whipped cream 4,75

Dessert buffet, including coffee or tea
Are you not able to choose from our desserts? Then choose for our dessert buffet and cheese wagon, with 4 (regional) Dutch cheeses, several ice cream flavours, sweet Bavarian creams and cakes, creamy puddings, fresh fruits and whipped cream. After your dessert, you can use the on-site coffee machines for a cup of coffee or tea. This buffet is open from 17.30 o'clock.

* With alcohol