Lunch menu ‘de Cantharel’

Served between 12.00 and 17.00    

Cantharel classics

12 o'clock € 8,50
A ‘Cantharel’ sandwich with roast beef, Russian Salad
and a croquette

Carpaccio of Hereford beef € 11,50
With old cheese, aceto vinaigrette, pine nuts and chives

Steak tartare € 12,50
With poached egg, rocket lettuce and truffle cream

Marinated salmon € 11,50
With sweet-and-sour cucumber, a cream of mustard and an anchovy stick


Tomato cream soup € 6,25
With fresh tomatoes and basil

French onion soup € 6,75
Served with cheese croutons and chives

Soup of the season € 6,75
Ask your waiter or waitress for the soup of the season

Toasted sandwich
Whole grain, white or gluten-free bread

Ham / cheese with ketchup € 7,25

Mozzarella / tomato / basil € 7,25

Artisan sourdough bread

Smoked salmon € 8,50
With dill cream and fennel salad

Crispy chicken € 8,50
With avocado, crispy lettuce and sesame topping

Beetroot salad with goat cheese € 8,50
With mesclun salad and aceto dressing

Carpaccio € 9,50
With truffle mayonnaise, cheese and arugula


Goat cheese € 10,50
With beets, walnuts, aceto syrup and croutons

Caesar € 10,50
The classic, with smoked chicken, Romaine lettuce,
cheese, anchovy and Caesar dressing

Gamba € 11,50
With sesame dressing, wakame and marinated shiitake

Warm dishes

2 beef croquettes € 8,00
With bread*, mustard, vegetable chips and parsley

2 oyster mushroom croquettes € 8,50
With bread*, mustard, vegetable chips and parsley

Fried eggs / ham / cheese € 9,00
With bread* and a salad

Farmers omelet € 9,50
With bread*, vegetable mix, farmer’s ham and parsley

Veal burger € 14,50
100% veal burger on a toasted sandwich,
with cheddar cheese, hamburger sauce, lettuce and fries

Beyond meat burger € 15,50
USA burger made from 100% vegetables, but with the texture and juiciness of a meat burger.
On brioche bread with cheddar cheese, marinated vegetables and French fries

Saté € 14,50
Marinated pork tenderloin with satay sauce, fries, prawn crackers and atjar

* Whole grain, white or gluten-free bread