Lunch menu ‘de Cantharel’

Served between 12.00 and 17.00    

Cantharel classics
12  O’clock A ‘Cantharel’ sandwich with roast beef, Russian Salad and a croquette  8,50
Beef croquettes with bread, mustard and a fresh salad 7,25
Carpaccio of Hereford Beef from de Veluwe with rocket salad, mayonnaise of aceto balsamic and old Wilpenaer cheese  11,00
A trio of fish species smoked salmon, mackerel salad with mackerel fillet, Norwegian shrimp with pesto, served with croutons and bread  11,00


The classic salad with bacon, chicken, old cheese, croutons, pine nutsand the Caesar dressing with anchovies 9,50

Roasted vegetables
Vegetables from our own vegetable garden, herbal oil and buffalo mozzarella 9,50
Goat cheese 
Salad with old goat's cheese, spiced caramel, cave mushrooms, pine nuts and croutons 9,50

From our Traiteur de Cantharel in Ugchelen

French onion soup with croutons, cheese and chives  6,50
Tomato soup with basil and red onion  5,75

 Egg dishes
On thick slices of bread (whole grain, white or gluten free)

Ham and cheese Three eggs, farm ham, melted cheese  8,25
Farm Three eggs, farm ham, tomato, fried mushrooms, melted cheese  9,75
Vegetables Three eggs, carpaccio of yellow beet, rocket, melted cheese  9,75
Farmers omelet Vegetables, mushrooms, farmers ham  9,75

Artisan bread
On two or three thick slices of bread (whole grain, white or gluten free)

Creambrie, walnuts, honey and cress  8,25/11,50
Mackerel salad, homemade  8,25/11,50
Filet Americain, red onion, capers, chives, pine nuts  8,25/11,50
Tasting Three thick sliced sandwiches with cream brie, mackerel salad, filet americain  11,50                                     

Toasted sandwich
Whole grain, white or gluten-free bread

Mozzarella and  a chutney from tomato and apple  7,25
Farmers ham and cheese  7,25

Saté marinated tenderloin, with French fries and salad  12,25
Ecofield burger 180 grams, on a toasted bun, with lettuce romaine, arugula, tomato salsa, vegetable salad and French fries  12,75
Grilled steak (180 gr) with sauteed mushrooms and bread (wholemeal, white or gluten-free)  12,50