Lunch menu ‘de Cantharel’

Served between 12.00 and 17.00    

Lunch buffet with Live-Cooking
Every working day from 12.00 till 13.30 o’clock, including lunch drinks (coffee, tea, milk and juice bar)

‘12 O’clock’
A ‘Cantharel’ sandwich with roast beef, Russian Salad and a croquette

‘Tasting of the Veluwe’
A small organic hamburger from Ecofields, granola bread with ham from 9 months matured ‘Wolhaar’-pork and a small seasonal soup

‘Half past twelve’
A ‘Cantharel’ sandwich with smoked salmon, mackerel salad and a shrimp croquette

Multigrain sandwich ‘healthy’
Multigrain bread with old cheese, salad, boiled egg and homemade pesto dressing

Fish hors d'oeuvre
Fish salad with brown shrimps, smoked salmon, mackerel and trout filet

Carpaccio of Hereford Beef from de Veluwe
Thinly cut with rocket salad, mayonnaise of aceto balsamic and old Wilpenaer

Fried free range eggs
Ham, cheese and Russian Salad

Fried free range eggs ‘Veluwe’
Cheese, fried bacon, tomato and mushrooms

Toasted sandwich ‘Cantharel’
Remeker cheese and ham of the ‘Wolhaar’ pig with a cream of green herbs and a fresh salad

Beef croquettes with bread
Two croquettes with bread, mustard and a fresh salad

Shrimp croquettes
Two shrimp croquettes with a toasted ‘Cantharel’ sandwich, cocktail sauce and a fresh salad

Sate of pork tenderloin
Grilled spear of pork tenderloin, served with a toasted ‘Cantharel’ sandwich, French fries and Indian pickle

Roasted meatball from ‘Mangalica Farm’, Vaassen
Served with bread and a fresh salad
€ 8,50

‘Cantharel’ sandwich
Our kitchen team has developed the ‘Cantharel’ sandwich according to its own recipe and in cooperation with bakery ‘Van der Wal Jolink’ from Apeldoorn. This special edition of the classic bread is freshly baked every day in white and multiple grain.

Vegetarian or vegetarian possible