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Theaterloods - Radio Kootwijk

Surrounded by a beautiful natural area on the Veluwe, on the grounds of the former Transfer Station Radio Kootwijk state The Shed Theatre ; the inspiration house for work, life and love. The place where culture and nature come together and form a unique experience. The Shed Theatre every first and third Sunday of the month open to the public with inspiring cultural programs, heath sessions and ( h) honest food. The place to blow out, lounchen and be inspired !

We are just like you. We want to be happy. Our talents develop and use in our daily lives . We want valuable , lasting relationships with other people and maintain ...

Along with the theater storage we have compiled a nice cultural, culinary and active arrangement . Overnight than in our hotel will enjoy breakfast and get on a bike or walk to the theater shed , 7 km from the hotel. Here is a nice program with an inspiring theater . Check the package and available dates below!