Heat telescope

Our thermal goggles are great to take with you during a walk or a late trip with one of our Land Rovers. By means of infrared techniques, a heat viewer ensures that you can continue to see well during the day and in the dark and that you can spot game and other animals very clearly. The heat viewer works optimally during the morning and evening screening, but can also be used during the day in the woods.

The heat viewer can be rented for an opening offer of € 12.50 (instead of € 25.00) per half-day (4 hours).

Make your reservation

All our outdoor activities can be booked online after making your hotel reservation. You will receive a mailing from us within 24 hours after making your reservation with the link to the website. If you prefer to know the availability of one of the outdoor activities before making a hotel reservation, please contact our hotel reception via 0031 55 5414455 or info@vandervalkapeldoorn.nl. Our colleagues would be happy to take a look with you!