Horse tram

Trip on the horse tram on Saturday afternoon

A special way to explore the beautiful surroundings of our hotel: hop on our horse tram. On the way, we stop for a snack and drink. Every Saturday we depart at 3pm behind the hotel on the Enk. You can sign up very easily via the overview below. The costs are €10 per person and €5 for children up to 12 years old. The horse tram can be cancelled in case of too few people or bad weather conditions. 


Would you like to explore the area exclusively with a group of 20 people? In that case, a horse tram ride is a great opportunity. In a tour lasting approximately one and a half hours, we will show you special places. We stop along the way to enjoy the beautiful view while having a snack and a drink. The cost for a 90-minute trip is €350. Reservations can be made at or call 055-312 12 46.

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