Veluwe Trail

With de Veluwe Trail we offer the perfect combination of wonderful horseback riding on the Veluwe and comfortable lodging at our Van der Valk Hotel De Cantharel near Apeldoorn. You'll enjoy a beautiful trail, culinary surprise, and your horse stays at our horse hotel. Fully equipped.

Nine day trips

The Veluwe Trail is one of the most famous long distance routes for horseback riders in the Netherlands. This equestrian trail takes you across the most beautiful natural areas of the Veluwe, through the forest and heaths. With nine day trips, varying from 25 to 35 kilometers, there is plenty to choose from during your stay at our hotel.

Route Veluwe Trail

The main road of the Veluwe Trail is almost 160 kilometer and runs from Apeldoorn to Vaassen, Epe, Vierhouten, Ermelo, Garderen, Elspeet, Kootwijk, Harskamp, Otterlo, Ede, Arnhem, Loenen, Hoenderloo, Assel and back to Apeldoorn.

The Veluwe Trail guide is available at our front desk.

Lodging near the trail

Our horse hotel is equipped with all comforts for your horse and is centrally located at one of the Veluwe Trail routes. This means that you'll be able to spend the night en route, or can embark on the various day trips straight from our hotel. The trails are marked in both directions, meaning that you can ride them in either direction. The trails have separate markings for riders and drivers. Paths that are not suitable for drivers, are marked as such.

Book an equestrian package 

Discover the beautiful Veluwe Trail with one of our equestrian packages. After a wonderful trip with your horse, you can relax in one of our comfortable hotel rooms, as your horse spends the night at our horse hotel. You are more than welcome with us.