Crown estate Het Loo

One of the highlights within the Veluwe is a visit to the crown estate Het Loo. Do as the Royal Family did and make fantastic walking and biking tours. A visit to the Palace Het Loo should not be missed.

Largest country estate

The crown estate Het Loo is the largest country estate within the Netherlands, measuring approximely 10.500 hectares, located in the Veluwe to the west of Apeldoorn. The country estate consists of the Palace Park and the Royal Forester´s residence. Through the age-long ties with the house of Orange-Nassau Het Loo boasts a rich cultural heritage and unique nature.

Unesco monument

The Palace Het Loo was a Royal palace once and a national museum now. It´s among the top Dutch Unesco monuments and open to the public. In the museum you will learn in which way the Royal family used this palace as a countryseat and to entertain guests. Near the main entrance you will find the stables with a large and fine collection of carriages. You might wish to take a look in the west wing as well, where various exhibitions are held. 

Palace Park Het Het Loo

The fabulous Palace Park offers ample opportunity to walk around and enjoy nature. The unique design of the avenues, lawns, ponds and a bathhouse are most definitely worth a visit. In the Palace Park are eight mapped walking routes, varying from 2 to 13 kilometres. 

Book a package

Discover Het Loo from the Van der Valk Hotel de Cantharel in Apeldoorn and book a package. After an unforgettable day with plenty of nature and culture you will come to a complete rest in one of our comfortable rooms. You are very welcome.