Burger's Zoo

Travel around the world in one day, at Burgers' Zoo!
Burgers' Zoo is a modern zoo, celebrating her 125-year anniversary in 2013, allowing you to explore wildlife from around the world! In a wooded area north of Arnhem visitors habitats that have been designed as natural as possible. The total area of 45 hectares is conveniently divided into thematic habitats. During your journey, you'll be introduced to the tropical rainforest (Bush), the rock desert (Desert), the tropical coral reef (Ocean), the East African savanna (Safari) and the tropical tidal woods (Mangrove) like a true explorer. But your journey doesn't stop there, it will also take you to the animals of the Malaysian tropical rainforest (Rimba) and other crowd favorites, such as elephants, panthers, gorillas, chimpanzees and impressive raptors (Zoo).

Play and have fun!
The young world travelers can enjoy themselves in the large playground Burgers' Adventure land, adjacent to the Park Restaurant. In addition, Burgers'Zoo opened an entirely new indoor playground at the other side of the Park Restaurant on March 30th 2012: Burgers' Kids Jungle! In this jungle village on stilts, children of all ages will have a blast, just like in Burgers' Adventure land. But Burgers' Zoo hasn't forgotten about the parents, because a lot of attention has been paid to noise absorption and possibility of mom, dad, grandpa and grandma remotely supervising the playing children.

Well-armed against bad weather
Thanks to the indoor Bush, Desert, Ocean, Mangrove and Kids Jungle, Burgers' Zoo is the best armed against bad weather of all Dutch zoos. That means that, even on a rainy or cold day, you can enjoy the pleasant tropical heat or indoor playground.

Near Van der Valk Hotel De Cantharel
Especially for this anniversary year, a unique hotel package was put together with Van der Valk. From van der Valk Hotel De Cantharel, it is just a twenty minute drive to Burgers' Zoo. The Arnhem zoo has a large adjacent parking. Of course, you can travel to Burgers' Zoo by public transportation. We recommend that you consult the front desk of Hotel De Cantharel or check the website