Horse stables

With the new horse stables the Van der Valk Hotel de Cantharel Hotel goes back to its roots. Bring your horse along and make beautiful tours through nature area de Veluwe. Afterwards you can enjoy our hospitality and the conveniences our hotel rooms offer, while your horse has a rest in a generously sized horse stable. 

New horse stables
When years ago the Cantharel in Apeldoorn caught Gerrit van der Valk’s eye, it was a pension with stables. Guest  would rack up their horse and have a bite and good night’s rest after a long tour through de Veluwe. In the course of the years the stable were removed and the pension has developed into a flourishing hotel with 160 comfortable rooms, 20 conference rooms for 2 to 330 person and 2 pleasant restaurants. And nowadays you and your horse can stay with us again. 

Fantastic stable complex

Next to the hotel we have realized a beautiful stable complex with the following facilities:

• First-class horse boxes, standard with straw (or sawdust on request)
• Basic sports food of Havens and hay as food
• Boxes with running water
• Horse shower
• Outdoor arena measuring 30 x 60 meters, with yellow sand and carpet scraps
• 3 pastures of 25 x 40 m per pasture
• Located along the Veluwe Trail and numerous equestrian and carriage driving trails 
• Cozy cabin with woodstove and terrace with picnic table
• Direct connection to trails behind the hotel, without paved road

Horseback riding in nature area the Veluwe

Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn - de Cantharel is located in the middle of nature area de Veluwe and has no less than 15000 hectare of wood as its back garden. Over an unpaved path you can ride into the wood, straight from the hotel. De Cantharel is surrounded by bridle paths that stretch for miles and miles. For those, who will be driving a wagon, the surrounding area offers routes through the woods, including the Veluwe Trail. This well-known route passes the hotel. In short: the ideal place to be for an unforgettable tour through the woods, heathland or the wide sand drifts that can still be found within the Veluwe area. An atmospheric log cabin next to the stable invites you to have a rest while enjoying a drink after a strenuous ride. And what could be nicer  than closing off the day with a good dinner and a refreshing sleep? 

Book a package

The use of the stables can be combined with an overnight stay, including breakfast or with any of the packages offered. An overnight stay on the basis of double occupancy can be booked from € 82.50 per room and our 2-day Rider package for  € 74,00 per person. The overnight price for your horse is € 25,00 per night and includes straw and food.