The Veluwe by carriage

Make a special souvenir of your stay! On Saturday afternoon you can step in one of our authentic carriages for an adventure through the beatiful nature behind our hotel. Along the way we make a short stop. You can enjoy the scenery while enjoying a snack and drink. You can sign up via the hotel reception (in advance or on arrival).

Maximum of 12 people per trip with two carriages. Departure Saturday afternoon at 15:00 from the cabin at the stables. Duration: +/- 90 minutes. Cost: € 25, - per person.

Interested? Book through info@vandervalkapeldoorn.nl or call 055-541 44 55.

Luxury carriage ride

We provide luxury carriage rides on request. Per car can ride up to 6 people. The price of a luxury carriage ride is € 250, - per car. For more information or reservations, please email us at info@koetsrit.nl.