The Veluwe Local Menu

Three course "Taste of Van Gogh"

Created with local products from our local and regional suppliers and inspired by Van Gogh


A tasting of local pride

Local charcuteries, pâté of the “Wolhaarvarken”, deep fried vegetable “bitterbal”, and pumpkin soup from “De Stadsakkers”


Biological pumpkin soup from “De Stadsakkers”

With goat cheese from the farm ”De Wolf”


Roasted sea bass with Dutch Shrimps

Served with mashed vegetables and a Hollandaise-sauce


Pair of veal steak & veal stew from Ecofields

With crispy vegetables and red wine sauce


Triplet of local cheeses with vigg bread & apple syrup


“Omelette Sibérienne” á la Vincent Van Gogh


€ 25,50 per person