Taste the season

Three courses with ingredients from local & regional suppliers
and vegetables from our own garden

Smoked beef loin
with green and white asparagus marinated in green herbs and a herb salad
Asparagus soup
with brunoise of ham, egg and asparagus and parsley


Classic asparagus
served with country ham, new potatoes, boiled egg and hollandaise sauce
Sea bass fillet baked on the skin
with asparagus, new potatoes and choron sauce
(a classic soft, sweet version of hollandaise sauce)


Strawberry mousse
with red fruit and a gel of strawberry and vodka

€ 26.50 per person

It is possible to order these courses per course:
Starter: € 11.50   Soup: € 6.50   Main course: € 21.50   Dessert: € 6.50

Matching wine selection by your host or hostess 
Wine package 3 glasses: € 13.00
Per glass:
Appetizer: € 5.50
Main course meat: € 4.50 
Main course fish: € 4.50
Dessert wine: € 3.50

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