Fresh from our own vegetable and herb garden

On Tuesday evening, 9 July 2013, the director and staff of Van der Valk Hotel De Cantharel received the Certified Veluwe Local Produce quality certificate from René de Bruin of the Dutch Foundation for Local Produce. The quality certificate is given to products whose ingredients and production are local and with respect for the environment, nature and animal welfare.

The Veluwe Local Menu

Our Veluwe Local Menu has been a great success for some time now and contains as much certified local produce as possible from the Veluwe. To complete the menu we have recently started growing our own unsprayed vegetables and herbs in the kitchen garden that we have established behind our hotel. After harvesting, the vegetables make their way straight to the kitchen to be incorporated into the dishes. Our food could not be fresher. The vegetable left-overs are fed to Jan Jansen’s free-range pigs, kept in the woods near Vaassen. When fully grown, their meat can be found on our menu, and completing the circle. The vegetable garden also forms the backdrop to our special outdoor dinners, which celebrate the seasons and the harvests that inspire our menus.

Traiteur de Cantharel

In 2017 we opened Traiteur de Cantharel, our fresh store at Ugchelseweg 72 in Ugchelen. Here you will find a nice assortment of local and regional products, delicacies, fresh meals and daily menus from the kitchen of the Chanterel. Tasty and easy! The caterer is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm. You can find more information on this at On the Facebook page of Valk Vers we publish the fresh offer and during the harvest season we communicate the picking afternoons in the vegetable garden.