Membership of Euro-Toques Nederland

At the beginning of October 2013, Hotel De Cantharel was admitted to Euro-Toques Nederland. De Cantharel has now gained recognition for its commitment to sustainable, healthy and traditional business. Euro-Toques stands for traditionally prepared, healthy food, made of pure, quality produce. We are proud to be a member of Euro-Toques.

Local seasonal produce

A comment from Euro-Toques Nederland: ‘De Cantharel fully understands Euro-Toques aims and also strives to live by them. They have unsprayed vegetables and herbs from their own garden and lots of local produce on their menus. According to Euro-Toques, a restaurant can only become part of the club if it complies with strict rules and standards regarding quality and the use of products. Chef Alfred Brouwer works with numerous certified local Veluwe products. He collects vegetable left-overs for food for the pigs on a local farm. In turn, their meat is on the menu at De Cantharel.